Book Review Policy

Update May 2017
I reserve the right to chage this policy without notice. 


I love rading books and share them with everybody; so I'm up to recive books for review from publishers or authors. If you are one of them, this is for you.

At Rosennette, my interests is about promoting reading and sharing my thoughts with others fellows readers. For a review request you need to email me with: book title, blurb, link to goodread or the book pages (where I could find all the necessary to create my post), deadline (if apply) and other info you can forward to me. Saying this, I also have to request that you be so kind to write in a proper way, I mean with please and thank you, since I'm also human and would always respect you as a human, your work and time. Thank you!

For self-publisher authors: I would love to review your book, however, I had some bad experience with some self-publishers, thanks to that, I would only review those book already available to public. Thanks for understand.

Please, undertand that maybe not all the request could be accepted for so many reason.

Thanks for considering me to review your book.

How to request?

I already said it above but only to keep it clear, this is what you need for me to consider your book for review.
  • Go here.
  • Book title.
  • Blurb.
  • Links (Link to Goodread or the book page where I can find all the info possible to create my post).
  • Deadline.
  • Aditional info (book promotion, giveaway, other).

What you can spect on my post?

For me, more information is the better. I spend hours on internet to find lot of details to create my post! So you can find this about you book.
  • Cover
  • Title with the author name
  • Record info: Series, Genre, Pages, Date of publication with Publisher, ISBN, ASIN, or any other info.
  • Purchased links
  • Blurb
  • Extract
  • My honestly review with rating
  • Author info: Bio, photo, and social links
  • Others (promotionals, giveaway...)

Shared the review: I'll post the review on Goodread. And also shared it at my social pages Twitter and Google+.

Guest posts, giveaways and interviews: I always glad on spred to words of author and their works, so if you interested in a Guest Blog or Interviews just let me know. Also, I'll glad to participate in blog tours of the book.

Genre I Review

I like the variety, I never can get stuck in just one thing. However, just like anything in life, few things are not for me. Saying so, I enjoy reading any Young Adult, New Adult and Middle Grade's books about:
  • Paranormal Romance  
  • Contemporany Romance 
  • Historical Romance
  • Mistery/Thrillers
  • Sci-Fi
  • Erotic (I could consider some erotic but I'm very picking about this, so don't be upset when I said no to your request.) 

What I'm not going to accept
  • Self-help books.
  • Non-fiction (like biographies and peotry).
  • Religious plot or feature.
  • Horror.

I don't review DNF, because I believe that endings are one of the most important things of a book and almost always inflence my opinion. 


This is, maybe, the most important thing of all. I'm a Venezuelan blogger, and thanks to all the situations of my country, sadly the internatinal delivery is not an option right now! So, I'm only accepting foreing book as digital formats (PDF, ePUB -which I prefer- and MOBI only). For paperback and hardback format I'm only accepting them from Venezuelan authors.

My Reviews

So, considere that I do this just for fun, I'm not a expert or litterateur, I'm only a freelance reader who love to shared my opinions. My reviews are never negative, and isn't because I always say something good about the books, but because I try very hard to give the authors some positive critics about their book. Their could be bad or good but always constructive criticism. I'm not looking for destroy them or the book. I think that everybody deserve respect and my purpose is give it with my honest opinions with tips to authors become better day to day.

But I also have to respect my fellows readers who could consider read the book, and I will not, for any circumstance, recommend something I didn't like and enjoy. But also I try to looking for al least one thing good of it, because "between flavors and colors writers hadn't written", and I undertand that isn't easy to write a book.

My schedule is very tight, I'm in college and working. I'll try my best to review your book as soon as possible but some things may change in the proccess so you need to be patiance. I read with my mood, so I reserve the right to choose what to read first. Becase the fact that I don't have time to respond all the request, I only respond to those I accept, so if you're not heard from me for about 7 to 14 days, you know that I didn't accept your request. I'm also into few Blog Tours, and they are my priority, I'm sorry but their come first.

I never sell books I recieve for review, leave it on my shelf. Although, I could hold a giveaway or shared them with close friends and family that I think, would enjoy them, unless you specify otherwise.

For request a review please go here!

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