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I love cooking, is one those things that I can do and never ever felt disappoint about. I love especially bake with and eat chocolate, is one of my favorites flavors and it’s so versatile, we can always can count that it will be something delicious, different and magical. Beside, share food with someone is very personal, I think, and it’s a way to show your personality and your love for someone or something.

I also love books; they’re a wonderful way to live different lives, to visit different places, to love, to laugh, to meet new people in and out the books, and to have inspiration. One of the things always get a prominent point on each book is the food. When the characters sit to eat, share a lunch with a friend or have a snack through the action, mean something, and almost always represent the culture and the personality of the characters, and also we get knew things about the plot there.

I found an amazing book that address these two aspects, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz, which presents all the recipes from the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling and it speaks of the context and the meaning of each dish form the book series, beside something of history about the dish itself. This book inspires me to bring together my two passions and create a new section on my blog, Corazones Literarios, called The Bookworm’s Kitchen, and make, and share with you, recipes from the books I read. But, don’t think that it will be something like Julie & Julia, I won’t be doing a challenge or even trying to make a book about this, it’s just a way for me to bring together my tries in the kitchen and the books I love.

Now you can enjoy the dishes ispired on books I read about. 

Welcome to The Bookworm's Kitchen

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